Super Chro-Bar

The Super Chro-Bar gets it's name from the box i built it in - an old RCA test pattern generator. Seriously heavy construction, the thing is made of cast iron and over-built in every way... they just don't make things like this anymore. The Super Chro-Bar combines the now familiar elements of an optical theremin and a full range square wave oscillator with an assignable to either or both (musically and performance wise, a very very useful feature) rate-only variable LFO with ridiculously long possible pulse rates, making it a perfect addition to and drone arsenal.

Also thrown in for good measure is a relaxation oscillator (so named as it's similar to the way your heart beats at a regular rate as well as to some other nerve and nueral functions) and tuned to a very low 440 "A" so you can tune to it, or just leave it on and let it worm it's way into your brain. I might be trippin' here, but leave the relaxation oscillator on for 5 minutes by itself and then turn it off. The void left by it's absence creates a sense of vertigo. Rather strange, but rather rad.